Amazon Alexa: Battle of the Smart Speakers

Amazon Alexa:

Can anyone say ‘what’s the definition of a developing world’? Well, I think there are countless examples which can define this particular statement. You can see our world is developing every single day in various ways. Likewise, Technology is also a part of this developing world and it plays a crucial role as well.

Amazon Alexa is one of that digital product which is highly recommended for everyone and it is also a competitor for other digital assistants like Siri and Cortana. Initially, Alexa has been launched in November 2015 but Amazon developed it and launched a few days back with some modification as well. In case you don’t know what is Alexa? Then go down below for the full definition of specifications.

What is Alexa?

Alexa is a device which will follow all your instructions. Suppose you want to listen to some songs then you can ask Alexa to play music for you, it will directly connect to your phone and will play the song accordingly. Not only this, Alexa can also book an Uber or Ola for you. Alexa will also provide you with the weather reports and it will also answer all your questions. Apart from this, you can also make calls or message someone. So basically it has been made to make your life much easier for you.

People often get confused between Echo and Alexa. Well, let me clear this doubt for all of you. Echo is a brand of a smart speaker and Alexa is a personal assistant service. The device will be capable to do whatever you will ask only when you will use the wake-up word ‘ALEXA’.

How to use Amazon Alexa?

There are few major steps you need to follow before using this device. Every single stepis enlisted below:

  1. Download the Alexa App and sign in
  2. Turn on Echo
  3. Connect Echo to a Wi-Fi network
  4. Now it’s ready to use, you just have to spell out the word ‘ALEXA’ and automatically it will start responding.
  5. Connect echo to an external speaker (optional)

There are four different models of Amazon Alexa:

  • Echo Dot
  • Amazon Echo
  • Echo Plus
  • Echo spot

All the four models work almost like similar to each other, but the price varies. Go grab your favourite model from Amazon ASAP.


  • BRAND: Amazon
  • Model: Echo
  • Type: Smart Speaker
  • Bluetooth Profile: A2DP and AVRCP
  • Connectivity Technology: Integrated
  • Power Source: AC power adapter
  • Communication type: Cloud
  • Communications technology: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

Battle of the smart speakers; Google home vs Amazon Echo

Sounds awkward? Well, it’s the reality where Google home is another tough competitor of Amazon Echo. Both the smart speaker works somehow the same but there are some major key features of each of these, which you should know.

Google Home is perfect for answering all your questions:

It has the ability to answer all your queries like ‘How much the flight ticket will cost’ or ‘When this movie is going to release’. It will automatically answer this kind of Questions quickly.

Amazon Alexa is Apt while controlling your smarthome:

It is easy for Alexa to control a wider range of smarthome devices. Not only this Echo has fun games and apps and also easy while placing an orderfor some random items for your household. 

Apart from this comparison whichever you will choose, somehow you are purchasing an entire lifestyle. So are you a Google or an Amazon fellow that’s a choice you are making.

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