Certified Medical Interpreter – Reasons Why You Need Them

In this era of globalization, the influx of immigrants and expatriates has tremendously increased. Many of these people don’t speak English and wants the medical interpreter to help them understand medical terminologies. As per the US Census Bureau’s 2013, over 61 million people speak another language than English and It is only 20% of the USA population.

Answer to this question why we need a certified medical interpreter is the language barrier. Now the question rises do it makes a difference whether you hire a certified medical interpreter or hire anyone who knows the target language? Here are 4 reasons for using a certified medical interpreter.

Why take assistance from Certified Medical Interpreter

Certified Medical interpretation is an essential way of distinguishing qualified medical interpreters from the group of less qualified interpreters. For certified medical interpreters, it is essential to take a reputable training program to equip themselves for the stringent standards associated with medical interpreters.

Medical and health care interpreters should pass the required medical certification to work in the medical field. Certified Medical Interpreter should keep on taking certifications to get updated with new changes in the medical field. The certification process further shows that the interpreter is capable of working in the medical and healthcare field, and is acknowledged by the state that they have passed all the requirements.

Importance of Certified Medical Interpreter

Certified medical interpreters play an important role in overcoming linguistic barriers in the hospital environment. Sadly most healthcare organizations give services that are not sufficient, and they don’t provide interpreter services at all. Patients who are limited English-proficient always complain that they don’t get proper medical care. This is because patients and doctors have communication barriers.

Some researchers have shown that if language barriers between doctors and patients are not addressed then it will lead to misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment. Care of patients suffers when patients and doctors have communication barriers. A study done in 2007 suggests that 52% of lethal events that have taken place to limited English-proficient patients are the result of bad communication or communication errors. Let’s discuss the four reasons to hire a Certified Medical Interpreter

Affordability if we don’t hire Professional Interpreter

In an NPR article, there is a study by the American College of Emergency Physicians that examines interpreter faults that have havoc consequences. Knowing that the error rate was indeed lower for professional interpreters than for ad hoc Interpreters that are 12% as against 22%.

Ad hoc interpreters are those interpreters who do not have professional training. Generally, it includes family members, bilingual nurses, or anyone who says they are bilingual at the time of appointment. These interpreters can add or omit words, with their own biases they misinterpret the conversation and they cannot manage the flow of the conversation.

On the other hand, Professional medical interpreters understand their role in the healthcare setting. They are knowledgeable regarding medical terminologies and balances the thin line needed for interpreting within providers and patients. They are trained enough to know when to be clear and when to go ahead.

Accurate and precise Medical Histories

When the patient comes to you. It is very important to take a medical history and identify the patient’s disease and symptoms. It is a very alarming thing if doctors and patients don’t understand each other’s language. Interpreting and translating medical terminologies is a very sensitive pursuit. There is no room for error in it. Any error in medical interpretation will result in human demise.

Despite if the patient has a multilingual family member most likely that family members won’t know how to interpret medical terminologies and explain medical procedures like surgery whereas a certified medical interpreter is trained to interpret medical terminologies and explain medical procedures. They are also able to get patients’ most accurate and precise history and helps to communicate message precisely and accurately.

Less bothering for Patients and their families

Pursuing medical treatment is a very painful experience for anybody but it becomes more painful if there is a communication barrier. If doctors and other health practitioners don’t have a facility of the medical interpreter, patients who don’t understand language will hire a multilingual person who may be their family member or even a child to work as an interpreter.

Unfortunately, that multilingual person or a child will not be able to interpret medical terminologies and can make errors while translation and because of their acquaintance with the patient, they can erase or reinterpret a healthcare provider’s information resulting into serious consequences. If the third-party certified interpreter is hired it will make patients and their families relaxed and they are not worried that their voice is not heard.

Medical Competency in hospitals, offices, and clinics

If you work with a certified medical interpreter, you will be satisfied by the fact that your information is accurate and your communication will run evenly. This will increase competency in all aspects of medical care from taking appointments until the cure of the disease. Furthermore, there is no miscommunication. Moreover with a certified medical interpreter in your hospital and doctor’s office will enhance your schedule speed, whenever your family member is not available, a medical interpreter will be available around the clock.

Additionally, if you have nurses and other staff to act as an interpreter, they must be certified interpreters so that they can do the job for which they are trained.

Enhancing Community Reputation

Eventually, using medical translation services will enhance your reputation in the local community. Patients who can’t speak English are aware that they are treated well in the hospital and they will get better customer services with interpreters. Having medical interpreter’s shows that you honestly respect and care about all your patients, In spite of their cultural nuance. This will make everyone at ease and makes a great environment for healing.

Prefer Certified Interpreters

Few hospitals and doctors use phone interpretation so that they can get information in their native language. Although the people who use these languages are not certified to be medical interpreters this means they don’t know medical terminologies which can create a great loss later. There is no place of phone interpreting in hospitals. It is necessary to understand the qualifications of the interpreters with whom you will be working with. It is a realistic approach to expect qualified and trained medical interpreters.

Same as doctors who are specialized in one area of healthcare the competent interpreters have expertise in medical. So what are you waiting for? Talk to your language service provider about the qualification of their interpreters and hire them.

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