Directory Signage Makes Wayfinding Easier

Directory and wayfinding signs are a common sight at the many establishments we all visit daily. These can be found either in the interior or the exterior of buildings and campuses. The exterior signs are designed to give visitors and passerby information about what is located inside. While the signs in the interiors are basically directional and guide all guests how to get to destinations located inside.

Businesses pay special attention to the design and execution of their directory signs to enhance the experience of visitors. These visitors pay money for services or are prospects that are coming to buy something they need.

These guests feel more at ease when they move around the facility without fear of getting lost. They save time and money and hence build a level of comfort and trust. When you lose precious time, you record the experience in your mind as negative.

To help increase sales the retail stores also use directional signs, so all the shoppers buy what they need with total peace of mind. During shopping if you get confused you may not want to continue with browsing and selecting products, instead, you may put it off for the next trip. 

To encourage people to buy what they need the stores have to work hard on their presentation. All stock has to be on the shelves in order and signs are used to guide shoppers to the products they are looking for. Shoppers go home more satisfied and return to the same store when they need to buy more items. 

In hospitals, universities, and colleges the directory signage points out room numbers and floors. At a glance, you can find the room number you are looking for on the directory and without any waste of time, you get to your destination without any level of confusion. Doctor appointments, medical tests, and x-rays can all take place on time when you follow the wayfinding system.   

For the sign designers creating such signage systems is very challenging. They have to make an entire navigation system for a facility that is composed of various signs. Signage design companies have to have experience and expert knowledge to match the exact customer needs with a tailored solution. The system can fail if designers skip even a few such needs.

For directory signage, the most effective materials are PVC, acrylic, and aluminum. These durable materials are a favorite with designers as they are very easy to work with and customize. Polycarbonate covered signs look great and can be changed easily.

In a building, offices move sometimes, and the room numbers and nameplates have to be changed in such a situation. Sign designers ensure they create a system that can be easily refreshed with such changes. Replaceable sign slot units make it easy to change any one of the suite numbers, nameplates or room nameplates.

Placement of the wayfinding signs has to be ideal for high visibility. The fonts also have to be large enough to be seen from a distance. Signs can be hung from the ceilings as well where space on the walls does not lend itself to such installations. 

The colors of the signs have to match the brand colors. If a company has its corporate colors these have to be considered while planning the signage system. It takes several meetings with the directors of Client Company to finalize the plan. After all the stakeholders agree to the various aspects of the plan, it is ready for execution.

After the signage system is implemented the flow of traffic increases to the facility. There will be more cars found parked in the parking lot and more foot traffic. The offices located on the campus or the building will get more visitors. At the malls, the directory signage encourages people to move around the building with total peace of mind knowing where they are and where they are going. No one has to come into contact with any stranger and shoppers can quickly get what they want and carry on with the rest of the day as usual.

In the past, shoppers used to go up and down the stairs looking for the stores of their choice. Now they just have a look at the directory and find the shops that sell what they need. In the directory, stores are listed by the products they sell. You can easily visit 4 shoe stores within 15 minutes which was impossible in the past when there were no such signage systems in place.

During storms and hurricanes, the signage systems may get damaged. Sometimes the sun fades the exterior signage. Clients want to work with a company that can take care of the ongoing needs of signage systems. It like other things needs repairs and replacements. A company that is located in the same city is always a better choice for the customer. They like to know the design firm better and want to evaluate their work portfolio. Larger establishments trust the more talented and well-established designers.

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