Earth Day: Handling Our Planet With Care

Our planet is the only one in the solar system that contains life. Nevertheless, it is most precious to us. But we, who are residing in this beautiful planet does not really understand its value. Sometimes the question arises that do we really care about the planet? The answer is evidently a big no. In spite of knowing the problems we really do not change our attitude and remain ignorant. But it is high time that we pull up our pants and start working towards the betterment of earth. Small changes in our daily working routine can help a lot towards safe guarding the planet, for example, by reducing wastage of water, reducing the use of fuel and by saving electricity etc. Hence the Earth day is celebrated worldwide that promotes the cautions and make people aware of the destruction that they cause to the planet.

Earth Day: History and popularity

On the 22nd April of every year, World Earth Day is celebrated throughout the world. Earth Day was said to be founded in the year 1970. It was found as the day of education about the environment and various issues regarding it. Internationally this day is generally a holiday and sometimes they celebrate earth week for seven days at a stretch. In these days they conduct various events focusing on environmental issues. Earth day was mainly the brainchild of Senator Gaylord Nelson. Inspired by the protests of 1960s Earth day taught the nation about their environment and their planet.

Earth Day this year

By the early 1960s the Americans were becoming aware that the pollution was creating a major effect on the environment. In the year 1962, Rachel Carson’s bestseller the “Silent Spring” created awareness and raised voice against the dangerous effects of pesticides on the country-sides of America. Later in 1969 the fire of Cleveland’s Cuyahoga River threw light on the problem regarding the chemical waste disposal. Before the protection of earth’s natural resources and the problem of its degradation was never a major problem to the people and a very few activists took actions against this problem.

The first move- In the year 1970, the first celebration of the Earth day was celebrated by about two thousand colleges and universities, ten thousands of schools and hundreds of communities. Noticeably it brought together millions of Americans in the noble deed of protecting the earth and made them aware about their activities. This created a stir in the minds of the people and forced them to think about ways in saving their environment. It is now observed in about 192 countries across the globe.

environmental pollution

Problems and their solutions- The ignorance of human beings has created major problems. Polluting the water bodies by dumping garbage and waste materials by the industries and then also by mixing of harmful pesticides had made the water unfit for use. Air pollution had increased due to the emission of harmful gases and engine smoke. Pollution in the air causes major breathing and other health issues. People tend to litter the grounds, streets, roads, etc. which not only makes things look worse but also makes fall people sick. High honking of horns and increased volume of speakers tend to create sound pollution that disturbs the peacefulness of the society.

Other problems like the global warming caused due to increased temperature of the planet make the water level rise as the ice is continuously melting. The depletion of the ozone layer is caused due to Chlorofluorocarbons is causing the harmful UV rays of the sun to enter into the earth that causes major skin problems. Earth day is thus recognized by all so that people try to acknowledge these above-mentioned problems and finding successful solutions to it.

Events and promotions- Ignorance can lead to extinction of mankind as well. That is why, Earth day is celebrated in many educational institutions to educate the young generation to love their planet and take care of it. They are encouraged to stop the use of plastic and instead use eco-friendly items like cloth and jute bags that are bio-degradable. Reduction in use of fuel by turning of the engine cars in traffic signals helps to reduce petroleum. Plantation of more trees helps to reduce pollution at a great level.

Problems are increasing day by day so much that many species are getting extinct and many are endangered. It is our responsibility that we stop ignoring these facts and start working towards ultimate protection of the planet and its species. Carelessness leads to massive accidents which are risk prone and can remain as a curse for the rest of the life. Situation can be thus that in future there will be no such resources left that the generation can enjoy. Hence it solely our job to take care of the nature and nurture it as it nurtures us.

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