Gokarna: An Serene Travel Destination

The town of Gokarna is a temple town located in the Indian state of Karnataka. The beaches of Gokarna have always been a tourists favourite destinations. The town is a discovery and has already made its mark in the tourism sector of the country. The beaches  of Gokarna were always a foreigner tourist favourite place to be as the place was not known by  many people which means that it was a less crowded and peaceful destination.

After its recent discovery as the ultimate tourist place, the town of Gokarna has experienced an upsurge in the number of tourists. The town is a beautiful spot with religious significance. The town of Gokarna is home to one of the sacred Shiva temples in the country. The Mahabaleshwar temple.

Besides Mahabaleshwar temples there exist other small but equally important temples in the lanes of Gokarna. This beautiful town makes sure that its visitors are able to relax and have the time of their life during their stay. One of the ways to explore the town of Gokarna is to trek through the various beaches of Gokarna.

Gokarna Beach: Route

Paradise Beach

The Gokarna Beach commences from the serene Paradise Beach. The other name of Paradise Beach is Full Moon Beach. Paradise beach is not the usual crowded kind of beach rather it is quite away from the noise and hustle bustle of the city. Surround yourself with the surreal beauty of the beach at the start of the trekking expedition. The beauty of the paradise beach provides a glimpse into the beautiful beach trek you would undergo throughout the day.

Half Moon Beach

After the paradise beach, proceed towards the Half Moon beach. Half moon beach is separated by the Om beach via a cliff. The sight you get to see at the Half moon beach depicts the scenario of a typical Indian coastal town. Small huts and shacks lining the beach with the clear blue water. The Half moon beach engulfs a person in its serenity and peace. People come here to hangout on the hammocks and relax. Spend some time at the Half moon beach and then proceed towards the next destination.

Om Beach

The next destination on Gokarna beach trekking is the Om beach. The reason that the beach was named as Om beach is because it seems like two semi-crescent shapes have come together to form the beach, which also resembles the iconic symbol ‘OM’. Drown yourself in the scenic beauty of the beach. Om beach is one of the most famous beaches of Gokarna.

Dolphin Beach

After enjoying some time at the Om beach, proceed further towards Dolphin beach. Trek through an array of small forests to reach the Dolphin beach. The beach offers the perfect spot to view the glorious sunset. Bask in the last rays of sunshine for the day at the Dolphin Beach. From the Dolphin beach we will move towards the camping spot for the night.

Gokarna Camping

When on the Gokarna beach trek, the options for camping are very limited as the majority of beaches don’t have the provision for camping. However , there is a camping site just off the paradise beach. From the Dolphin beach head to the Paradise beach, the starting point of your Gokarna beach trek. From the Paradise beach you need to take a ferry to reach the campsite. This marks the end of your Gokarna beach trek.

The town is not just known for its famous beach trek but also for its temples and holy places. Besides doing the Gokarna beach trek and visiting the several beaches that line the town you can visit other places also that might catch your interest. The other places to visit in Gokarna besides beaches include:

  • Mahabaleshwara Temple
  • Yana Caves
  • Koti Tirtha
  • Maha Ganpati Temple
  • Kumta
  • Bhadrakali Temple
  • Mirjan Fort
  • Shiva Cave
  • Lalguli Falls
  • Mahalasa Temple

The trip to the town of Gokarna is a lifetime experience. The town is known for its famous temples as well as the equally famous beaches. One can seek blessings in the great temples and relax at the serene and quiet beaches. A vacation in Gokarna is a perfect way to rejuvenate your soul and to escape the hussle bussle of city life.

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