Halloween Costumes Ideas

Do you ever dream about wanting to be someone else? Someone who’s famous, fictional or magical? But seems impossible for you? No, it is possible! Halloween is a day that gives you a change to impersonate your inspirations. Halloween comes once every year. The day you can be dress up somebody totally different and experience what it is like to be in different character’s shoes.

How to Come Up With Unique Halloween Ideas?

Halloween Costumes

It looks exhausting isn’t it? To think of a new and innovative costume for every year. Well you just need a creative costume. With a little cleverness and DIY skills, you can make yourself the best Halloween Costume illustrating anything you wish. It can be literally anything, character from the 80s 90s by wearing Leather Jackets specifically Black Leather Jacket with cigarettes as a prop, character from Star Wars, a skeleton anything you name it. Simply working with the skills and resources you’ve got and with the right idea will lead to spending only a couple of dollars worth of material can become a priceless costume!

Trending Halloween Costume Ideas

The only thing we’re scared of this year is not having the most creative Halloween Costume of 2020, which is why we’re brainstorming ideas.

  • Joker Costume

You would have definitely seen a dozen of people embodying Joker Costume. It was the result of the new most famous Joker movie that was released that had inspired many many people.

  • Cat in the Hat Tutu Dress

What is a better idea than dressing up as your favorite storybook troublemaker? Dr Suess’s Cat in the Hat would never go out of style.

  • Minecraft Classical Creeper Costume

This can be a good sight for a gamer. Recreate the online Minecraft experience with Creeper costume. It can be perfect for gamer-pals.

  • Dress up as e-girl

Being an e-girl is one of the trendiest fashions going on in this world. What are the staples to be an e-girl? It includes mesh t-shirts, colourful hair clips, scrunchie and a hydro-flask.

  • Wednesday Addams Costume

Addams Family is the favourite tv-show for the gothic lovers. Wednesday Addams is everyone’s favourite mini homicidal maniac. Its easily constructed; all you need is Wednesday’s iconic black collared dress and braided with black lipstick and black hair.

  • Be character of any superhero or action thriller movie.

Dressing up as Marvel’s character or DC’s characters or even action thriller movies is really common. But finding the best replica for the character is essential. You can be Captain America, Thor, Superman, WonderWoman,  Spider Man. You could even be Tom Cruise inspired from his Mission Impossible movie. His top-gun jacket is also trending.

  • Dress like a princess

If you are a parent of a daughter then dress up as her favourite princess. The happiness on her smile would be priceless. Its really easy to get princess costumes now.

How to lift up your Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes

Halloween contact lenses, it is a gem that will light up your costume on fire. These lenses are crafted with vigorous colors and patterns and they look amazingly real on the eye. Wearing them would give crazy, mind blowing effects on your costumes.

Which lenses would complement with which costumes?

Hazel contact lenses

Hazel contact lenses are probably the most functional color. It is suitable for many costumes. These neutral lenses will complement with dark haired looks and any human-based character, such as Katniss Everdeen, celebrity actors/singers, a Disney princess, Cher from Clueless or a Ghost Buster. Hazel will add an exquisite effect of color to your eyes whilst still looking natural.

Green contact lenses

There aren’t a lot of green eyes around, so this would make your costume stand out. It is ideal for a witchy look, green colored lenses will perfectly be blended with any type of green makeup look or attire, to give yourself a whole matching makeover. These lenses would be perfect for The Hulk, Beetlejuice, Poison Ivy, Ninja Turtle, Gamora and Medusa.

Violet contact lenses

Violet eyes are rarely found. Violet’s eyes can be an enthralling addition to your ominous fancy dress. Opting for violet would be an unusual choice but in a good way and would give an effect from other-worldly. These lenses are best fittest for an Alien character, the Cheshire Cat from Alice in the Wonderland, Violent from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or even Ursula from the Little Mermaid.

White contact lenses

Covering your eye with all while will give you an extremely creepy look. It would be suitable for creating a ghostly look and walk around at Halloween night, haunting everyone. These Top Gun Jacket white colored lenses would complement many cosplay costumes and will give you an extinguish look.

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