Hampta Pass: The most Visited Trekking Destination

Hampta Pass trek is one of the most famous trekking destinations in India. The trail of the Hampta pass trek is of geographical importance as it is the connecting point between two of the greatest valleys in the state of Himachal Pradesh i.e. between the Lahaul Chandra Valley and Kullu Valley. Hampta Pass lies in the pir panjal range in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh at an altitude of 4,268 meters. As it connects two valleys of the state, one can witness the rapid transactions in the scenery around them as you move forward with the trek.

From the lush green meadows to rocky landscapes and even snow-capped mountains, one can see all the wonders of nature during the Hampta pass trek. The Hampta Pass trek ensures that the trekkers interact with nature in its raw and rustic form. It takes around 5 days to complete the Hampta Pass trek. The total distance covered in these 5 days is around 50 Kms. The Hampta pass trek begins from the village of Jobra. To reach the starting point of the trek, you have to first reach Manali as it’s the only way to reach the village of Jobra. Along with seeing the paranomic view of the valley from the peak, you can also visit the moonlike lake called Chandra Taal.

Best time to visit Hampta Pass

The ideal time for a trek to Hampta Pass is in the months from June to October. Interestingly, the monsoons are the peak season to do the Hampta pass trek. As the sunniest time in the Hampta region is in the month of August. The temperature remains pleasant ranging from 12-20 °C during the day to -2 to 6 °C during the night. The comfortable weather makes the experience of trekking to Hampta Pass an enjoyable and memorable one.

The green meadows, chilled river crossings, majestic mountains, and picturesque landscapes, each and every corner of the valley come alive during these monsoon months. During the early months of monsoon, one can get to see snow upon reaching the top. And in later months, the snow completely melts and the sun is shining throughout the day.

It is advisable to not go for Hampta Pass trekking during the winter months as due to heavy snowfall the trails are completely covered in snowmaking the trek a real difficult one.


  • It is advisable that you always carry a small garbage bag with you. So as to not litter the nearby surroundings.
  • Do get all your permit requirements sorted before you start with your trekking expedition.
  • It is advisable to not get involved in any kind of activity that might be against the laws of India. As any kind of offense is heavily punishable.
  • It is strictly prohibited to carry any kind of weapon or sharp object in the valley.
  • Do try to avoid or limit the usage of plastic materials as much as you possibly can. And In case you must use plastic or plastic objects during your trek then do not dispose of it anywhere in our surroundings rather utilize your personal garbage bag.
  • Please restrict yourself from passing any kind of rude or bad comments on your fellow travelers. And if you are the one facing such kinds of issues then immediately inform your trek guide or road captain.
  • If you start facing any kind of health issue or difficulty, then promptly contact your trek leader so that any kind of misshapen can be prevented.
  • It is advisable to carry some kinds of snacks or dry fruits during the trek as you won’t come across any shops or restaurants during the trek.
  • Refrain from getting involved in activities that might cause harm or damage to nature. It is one of the qualities that a responsible trekker must possess.
  • It is advisable to not consume any kind of toxic material before and during the trip duration as it may land you in trouble or difficulty while trekking.
  • You are required to carry all the necessary documents, permits and Id proof when going for the trek. As you have to present it to the authorities when asked.
  • Kindly refrain yourself from making a mockery or hurting anybody’s religious beliefs and sentiments.
  • Kindly restrain yourself from misbehaving with any of the monument or park staff. If you think there is an issue, then please try to come to a solution in a gentle manner.

This is about Hampta Pass trek. Do undertake the trek to witness the grandeur called nature in its purest form.

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