How To Design Creative & Bespoke Exhibition Stands?

All exhibitors know that participating in an exhibition is quite challenging. The biggest challenge to handle is designing and building a creative exhibition stand. But, the bespoke exhibition stand will be rewarding as well. It will help you to achieve your objective of participating in a trade show.

Your bespoke exhibition stands must reflect your brand values. No matter how attractive your trade booth, you will not able to achieve your goals unless you reflect the brand value and product information. Designing and building a bespoke exhibition stand is not as easy as pie.

Here, in this article, we have listed various tips that will help in your bespoke exhibition stand designing process.

1. Reflect Brand Identity

Your bespoke exhibition stand must show good brand value. A good brand identity helps in gaining the trust of customers. It helps in forming a strong relationship with your potential customers. In case, your business does not have any brand identity such as a brand logo or brand slogan, then you should hire professional graphic designers.

They will help you in designing an attractive brand identity for your bespoke exhibition displays. Your brand identity plays a crucial role in selling products/services and earning profit. The brand logo acts as a face of business and leaves a good impression on your potential customers.

The brand identity helps your targeted customers to easily recognize your business. Along with brand identity, you should also consider your objectives of participating in a trade show. For instance, if your main objective is to spread brand awareness, then you should display the core value of your business through your exhibition stand.

On the other hand, if you want to introduce a new product to your potential customers, then your exhibition stand designed should be focused on displaying your new products/services.

2. Pick The Right Strategy

You should choose the right strategy so that you can achieve your objectives during the show without any problems. Before starting the exhibition stands designing, you should prepare the list of shows in which you are going to participate and dimensions of allocated floor space as well. It will help you to choose the right style of the exhibition stands.

You have to choose between a bespoke exhibition stand and a reusable exhibition stand. If you want to spread brand awareness, then bespoke trade booths are the best option. The custom-built exhibition stands can help to grab the attention of people and create a buzz during the show.

But, if you want to attend so many exhibitions one after another, then a modular exhibition stand is a good option. They can be reconfigured and adjusted in different dimensions. Thus, a good strategy plays a vital role is to choose the right kind of exhibition stand. You can also take help of bespoke exhibition stand builder.

3. Attractive Graphic Display

The graphic display plays an imperative role in designing an exhibition stand. In the bespoke exhibition stand, the graphic display should be attractive. Text and images you choose for the display wall should represent your brand image and also convey the right information about your products/services.

Your text messages should not be lengthy at all. Try to write short and meaningful messages. Your text should be incorporated with meaningful graphics. Alluring graphics will attract passerby and invite them inside the booth. Your graphic display can trigger the curiosity among trade show attendees and they will enquire more about your products/services and brand as well.

Always keep in mind that images should be of high quality and theta re clearly display without creating chaos. All exhibitors want to leave a good first impression on their potential customers during the bespoke exhibition.The high-quality graphics can help you.

4. Display Brand Video and Animation

Static images are not enough to attract your potential customers. If you want to stand out, then you must display a brand video on large screens. An Animated display is another good idea to grab the attention of people.

On your large TV screen, you can run slideshow, product-related video, display customer testimonial, etc. If your budget, allows, then you should consider the interactive screen in your booth. These screens are efficient and enabling two-way communication.

5. Incorporate Photo Booth

The best way to create an immersive experience of your booth visitors is to incorporate a photo booth in your bespoke exhibition stand. Your booth visitors will love to click amazing pictures in your photo booth and upload them on their social media account. You can ask them to add hashtags of their brand name. It will help in spreading brand awareness. The photo booth also makes your exhibition stand different from others. You can also think about various other creative and unique ideas.

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