Los Angeles plastic straw ban goes into effect on Earth Day

Plastic straws will be a little more difficult to get as another city ordinance forbidding all eateries from naturally giving clients plastic straws becomes effective from Monday in the city of Los Angeles.

The City Council in March voted to forbid L.A. eateries from offering or giving disposable plastic straws to customers who are dining in or taking food outside except if they demand them. Drive-through and delivery businesses can offer clients with plastic straws but are still restricted from giving them out without a request.

The ordinance took effect from the beginning of Earth Day this Monday for restaurants with 26 or more employees. By October 1st, it will then be expanded to all restaurants.

The ordinance contends that in excess of 500 million plastic straws are utilized daily in the U.S., huge numbers of which end up in waterways, which can kill marine life when they are ingested.

“Although straws are a small part of the eight million metric tons of plastic that end up in our ocean every year, we know that it is one we can have really great control over, both on a personal choice, and to effectuate a policy that will help highlight the plight of our world’s oceans and the danger and the threat on the environment of plastic straw waste,” Councilman Mitch O’Farrell — one of the proposal’s backers.

California has earlier passed similar rules on dine-in restaurants, however, the Los Angeles “straws on request” ordinance additionally force confinements on fast-food chains.

It is said that restaurants will be given warnings for their first two violations after which every violation would carry a $25 fine.

San Francisco, Seattle, Manhattan Beach and Malibu passed similar plastic straw bans at restaurants and bars within the city limits last year as well.

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