New Zealand Shooting: What We Know So Far

15th March might be a marked black day for the people of New Zealand henceforth. On this very day, New Zealand was ripped with grief and horror as 49 innocent people were shot to death at the Al Noor mosque and Linwood mosque in the city of Christchurch. It was suspected and later confirmed that the deadly attack was carried out by a white nationalist who posted the horrible killing live video on Facebook. The live video was streamed online on social platforms that chilled out the spines of the viewers.

On Friday during namaz, two mosques of the Christchurch city suffered a terrible attack in which 49 were dead and 48 were severely injured. Among the injured, one was an Indian, whereas about 9 Indians and Indian nationalists were reported to be missing in the New Zealand shooting.

Police suspected from the 17 minutes live video that a white nationalist Australian man of 28 years old named, Brenton Harrison Tarrant, was responsible for this massacre. He was actually charged for the murder and terror. The New Zealand police said that Brenton would have to face additional charges.

Another man of 18 years old was duly charged with “intent to excite hostility or ill-will”. Brenton was accompanied by 3 people of whom one was a woman. They were seen wearing army outfits and they carried 6 machine guns. About 100 bullets were used and the magazine cartridge was changed quite a few times.

Just a few minutes before the New Zealand shooting on Friday, 73 paged and 16,500 word contained manifesto was posted on Twitter. New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, was emailed a copy of the manifesto from the gunman himself. It was reported that many news outlets and lawmakers received similar emails.

Ms. Ardern, at a press conference, said that it was a terrorist attack and promised that the gun laws will change. New Zealand’s commissioner, Mike Bush, revealed further details about the New Zealand shooting on Friday, saying that 41 were killed at Al Noor mosque and 7 at the Linwood mosque which is situated about three miles away. 48 people contained young children whose lives were brutally taken away by the attackers.

The Christchurch courtroom was closed to the public because of security reasons as the police brought in Brenton Harrison Tarrant. He has also been charged with additional cases. Tarrant, a short, thin brown haired man who was arrested, looked around the courtroom but did not make any comments as the District Court summoned him for further hearings. Court papers revealed his New Zealand address to be in Dunedin city, which is located about 280 miles to the south of Christchurch.

“All right, let’s get this party started!”

Just as the words were spoken a thunder of gunshots seemed to blow out the ears. Ten, twenty, fifty…….at least hundred gun shots were fired. Many fear-filled faces were spotted in the torch light. Cries and howls of the victims tore apart every heart. People were falling here and there in the dark.

A 17 minute video which streamed live on Facebook showed the brutal death of so many innocent lives. The clip was been recorded by a helmet camera worn by the gunman attacker. His face was viewed in the rear glass of the car that drove through the streets of Christchurch before the attack. He approached the mosque on foot with the weapon quite visible and began shooting from the entrance.

Shortly after that, he exited the mosque and began firing in both directions and returned to the car for another gun. He re-entered the mosque and continued shooting. A few minutes later he returned to the car and drove away. After the completion of the video, about 15 minutes, later he entered the Linwood mosque with his team members. While killing about 7 of the people there, one of the victims jumped on Brenton to stop him. In the meantime, the police arrived and all attackers got arrested.

To show grief and in the sorrowful memory of the lost lives, all the national flags in all government offices were curled down. Prime Minister, Ardern, said that the country was not the birth land of many but they owned it by staying over. She said that such terrorists are no one to them and she won’t tolerate their activities further. She expressed her remorse and prayed for the victims and their families.

Coincidentally, the Bangladesh cricket team members were present in Christchurch for the Bangladesh – New Zealand test match. They were supposed to be in Al Noor mosque for their prayers. However, luckily they were late for the visit and the New Zealand shooting took place just before they were on their way to the mosque. Three Bangladeshis were offering their prayers in the mosque and they were among the ones murdered. The match has been cancelled, therefore.

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